About Us

We are a family business operated with pride in our old school neighborhood personal service and a strong background in managing multi-million dollar businesses in the private and public sectors for 30 years.  We love what we do and hold ourselves to high standards of integrity, honesty and professionalism.  Just ask us for references to prove it along with the ability to sell.

We help families in a time of need to liquidate personal property of all belongings, so they can sell or lease the home for various reasons such as;  downsizing, moving, a family member has passed, or no longer able to reside on their own in the home.  We can arrange to remove all the items leftover from an estate sale by a liquidator.  We will do our best to meet your timelines.  We listen to the needs of the family and come to an agreement of how it all gets handled per contract.  Each one is a case by case decision made with the family members, attorneys handling the estate or Realtors.  

As for some left-overs;  We believe in sharing what you can to help others survive if they are either in need or making efforts to be a productive self reliant part of society.  We are blessed to have had the opportunity to start a small business with the help from a friend that gave us a break and a stranger in the industry that took a chance on us and became our friend, mentor and appraiser if/when needed.  We proved ourselves and advanced rapidly.  We can provide you with references upon request.  

We price fairly through market knowledge, research of competition in the market, due diligence of collectibles and antiques.  We are resourceful, experienced and knowledgeable of researching items, and reach out to my mentor if/when needed for his expertise as a highly certified appraiser.  We also have relations with dealers that are experts in their field if/when needed for jewelry, coins and stamps which are compared to one another to keep things honest and they do not know about our sales on purpose.

We can also be contacted for liquidations, clean-outs and buy-outs.

We are devoted to one client at a time from start to finish and will never expand to more than that.  

Your satisfaction, security, safety and sales are taken seriously and not taken for granted, which leads to a positive reputation and have never advertised since establishing in 2010.  We have been steady year-round 12 months a year from referrals.